Smart Spaces 

Creating a Smart Space will enhance security, flexibility, energy efficiency and comfort, whether the space is industrial, commercial or retail.

At Amped Automation, our goal is to equip your facility with the performance system tools needed to run at optimal performance, driving efficiency and allowing you to work smarter, not harder. Smart Space automation promotes not only the comfort of occupants in a building, but it also creates a more flexible, engaging and creative work environment. This can have a huge impact on the productivity and well-being of employees.

Smart Spaces, also known as connected places, are physical locations equipped with networked sensors to give owners, occupants and managers useful information about the condition of the location and how it's being used. Smart Space locations can vary, ranging from buildings and warehouses, to houses or units with networked temperature and motion sensors. 

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Manly Cove

Castle Residences

Guy Sebastian Residence

Balcon by Tapavino

BóRN by Tapavino

Boque by Tapavino


Opera Residence

The Lakeside Mill

Darren Palmer Residence



Amped Experience Centre

Lennox Residence

Macquarie Street Penthouse

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