Smart Homes 

The ability to remotely control your connected home from your phone, computer, tablet or remote.

A Smart Home is one that uses technology to automate and control home systems. The key to home automation is the ability to remotely control your connected home from your phone, computer, tablet or remote.

A Smart Home is more than just programming lights or the coffee maker to turn off and on at certain times, but a fully integrated system you can seamlessly monitor and control everything. In a Smart Home, everything from large appliances to vacuums to home security systems can be connected to the internet, each other, and be controlled remotely.

Your home can be as “smart,” as you’d like, from having a few connected devices to a fully automated home. The core driver of smart home solutions is convenience. In addition, smart home technology can also help improve energy efficiency, comfort, and home security. Additionally, one of the core aspects of Smart Home technology is the continued machine learning of your patterns by analysing the information from your connected devices.

Voice solutions

When it comes to voice solutions for businesses and homes of all shapes and sizes, Amped Automation has a range of options to save your time, money and will ensure everything you own is safe and secure. If you’re looking to maintain more secure, reliable voice solutions we’re here to help.

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Touch Solutions

We have a range of user-friendly touch screens to enhance your lifestyle with a holistic view of your home, business or space. We are committed to designing, customising and installing a sophisticated, yet simple touch solution for your entertainment, lighting, shades, temperature, surveillance and more, all controlled through an easy to use application on any smartphone, tablet, touchscreen or handheld remote.

Savant Controls

Savant is one of our most popular touch solutions, its assists with having some of the most user-friendly displays and controls.

Lighting Controls, Audio Visual and many more task can be controlled using the Savant Pro App. The app is essentially the head end that ties numerous different automation systems together to create a user-friendly, seamless interface for all clients with a variety of automation integration and needs.




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