Castle Residences

This Project is still under construction.

The Castle Residences are soon to become the city’s ultimate CBD address. Like celebrated apartment houses on London’s Hyde Park or New York’s Central Park, these apartments offer an unsurpassed Sydney living experience. The 122 roomed residence will be fitted out with custom glass panel switches, automated lighting & blinds, HVAC and room occupancy monitoring and door reed sensors.

The Castle Residences will include occupancy monitoring and light-sensing control, allowing for the temperature, lights and mood of the room to be set before guests arrive. 

The rooms themselves will be equipped with Schneider hotel room controllers. The occupancy feedback allows the facility to control the lighting and HVAC appropriately to minimise energy consumption, without losing any functionality. This is done through the use of the Schneider Hotel Room Controllers (HRC) and SE8000 solution. The SE8000 is utilised by its inbuilt motion sensor, thermostat and connection to wireless Zigbee door and motion sensors.

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